How to Knit on a Round Loom

You can knit easily on round looms. You can make hats blanket scarves and many other things with round looms.


Yarn Knitting hook or crochet hook loom (any size, I use /

On your loom loop your yarn around the loom twice. There should be one strand of yarn on the bottom of the pegs. …

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You must be a girl scout junior to earn the junior aide award. You can earn the junior aide by helping daisies or brownies earn a journey, badge or help out at a outing.


1. Find a group of brownies or daisies to work with



How to raise a monarch

                                     First, find a monarch egg. Pick the leaf.Then get a damp paper towel and put the leaf on the leaf. The egg should hatch in 3-5 days from when it …